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Congratulations Class of 2011

Greater Love…living a life that is beyond the self-life! That was the theme for our Sunday morning message as we celebrated 5 graduating seniors.

They are a great group of young people and an inspiration to our church family.

Our prayers are with Diamond, Emily, Carlton, Grace Anne, & Jared as they continue to seek and follow God!

All for His glory ~ congratulations Seniors!

Second Annual Valentine’s Banquet

Once again the ladies of Shady Grove were treated to a lovely Valentine’s evening by our wonderful gentlemen.  Every aspect of the evening was special – from the moment each person was greeted at the door until we left  feeling very pampered. Here are a few pictures from our dinner.








Hannah and Anna provided beautiful music.  Pastor Matt encouraged the gathering to learn to love with an uncommon love.

Men ~ you’re appreciated! Not because you’ve provided another amazing Valentine’s Dinner but because of your servant leadership. What great examples to our families.

Thank you, thank you, thank you – to all who helped.

Christmas Musical…get the word out!

 The Choir Of

Shady Grove Baptist Church

invites you, your family, & friends

to join us at


December 18th & 19th

for two worshipful services of



Tom Hannah, our Minister of Music, would love to have families join us as we CELEBRATE ~Christ With Us ~ Emmanuel!

The choir will present two performances of this year’s Christmas Musical, Saturday night and  Sunday morning.

Come join us ~ Rejoice with us!

Lottie Moon Christmas Party

Everyone loves a party right? Well, get your calendars out and mark the date!

November 29, 2010

Lottie Moon Christmas Party

Ladies (young and a little older than young :))

Location: FBC Pickens

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Everyone bring your favorite finger food!

 The Lottie Moon Christmas offering is a vital part of our missions giving. For more information check out this link on the IMB site :http://www.imb.org/main/give/page.asp?StoryID=5524&LanguageID=1709

Beginning the first of December our children open the Shady Grove mailbox to raise funds for this special time.

Our children have made her cookies, read about her life, and been inspired by her spirit…how much do you know of this amazing person? She truly had a heart to reach the world with the gospel of Christ.

Cup of Cold Water…different location…same GOOD NEWS!

This year our location moved at the Flea Market – and God is still moving through the Cup of Cold Water Ministry. It was incredibly hot this past Wednesday as we began setting up just after 7:30. The Flea Market was buzzing with activity! Folks were so hot they were reaching for cups of water before we finished set up!

Because we aren’t under the big shade tree we are using tents to block the direct sun. Once the “Peanut Man” gets set up, our crew goes to work putting up three to four large tents that will offer shelter from some of the heat.

It is said that many hands make light work. Isn’t it good to be around a group of people who are willing to pitch in and get the job done so that others will benefit!

There are various aspects to the ministry of cup of cold water that Shady Grove provides. We offer blood pressure screening each time we are there. (Yes, our nurse is qualified!!) People often keep a record from each time they visit us. We  have team members out in front greeting and talking with new friends. We have groups of young people and teens passing out balloons to wee folks who boldly endure the heat. There is also a face painting team who endeavors to paint various pictures on damp little faces. In all of these ministries we have the awesome privilege of sharing Jesus Christ with those who will pause long enough for a tract or perhaps a longer conversation.

At Shady Grove the Cup Of Cold Water Ministry is one that involves children, youth, and adults.  God uses every aspect, covered in prayer, to reach the “thirsty” around us.



The Cup of Cold Water Ministry is something that is organized by the Pickens-Twelve Mile Association. Actually, it began long before someone in our association thought about handing out cold water at the Flea Market. Matthew 25:40 and Mark 9:41 give us the Biblical principle of giving in Jesus name as an act of worship.

It doesn’t begin and end with the setting up of tents and putting away of all the materials. Jesus calls us daily to give living water to thirsty souls.

Be ready to offer eternal refreshment today to someone you encounter!


A Visit from Cathy Childers with Mounted Ministries

Throughout this summer we have run our V.B.S program on Wednesday nights. Because of the extended time we have had a lot of freedom to expand on the original theme.

This past Wednesday night we had three guest join us. Cathy Childers, founder of Mounted Ministries, brought Zoe and Oreo to visit our children and youth.

Cathy uses behavior, character, and tendencies of horses as illustrations of scriptural principles. Using this method – allowing the students to interact with the horses as she teaches – drives home the truths of trust, love, being led by the Spirit, knowing that God will show us His way step by step, and the importance of being who God created us to be.

One of the youth is trying to earn Zoe’s trust, but Zoe is not quite ready to give it yet. Eventually, authority was established – and trust was given.

Sara, one of our youth, has been helping Cathy this summer with some of the camps and at other local V.B.S.’s.  It is a blessing to see our teens use the gifts God has given them to minister to others.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the night. It shows such a love/trust relationship between Cathy and Zoe. You need to know that of the two horses, Zoe is a little more feisty, but she is very affectionate.


Sara taught Oreo a nifty trick – one that I think our local dentist would like to use for an advertisement :). When Sara touched Oreo’s mouth she would smile a big beautiful smile. I had to post this picture for all of you to enjoy!


The youth enjoyed feeding the horses carrots and getting to know them and Mrs. Cathy. It was a fun night full of great lessons and memorable moments.

Cathy, we appreciate you and the heart you have to minister through horses. Thanks for coming to visit us!!

Heavenly Hash

Our youth and extended youth (ahem)… presented a wonderful skit Sunday morning April 25, entitled Heavenly Hash.

Beyond being laugh-out-loud funny, the skit bought home the absolute need of knowing what the Word of God says in order to give an answer to those around us.

Danny Johnston and Sara Garrett played a very confused couple from a “far off land” whose answers about Heaven were more from their knowledge of the Wizard of Oz than from Scripture.

Caroline and Carlton Hutton played the part of a questioning couple – who seemed to have more Bible knowledge than their mentors.

The challenge put before all of us is such a necessary one in today’s culture. It is important to know what we believe and why.

Pastor Matt has preached on “The Truth War” on Sunday nights. This is a great time to get our facts straight!

Happily misleading others...

Don’t be caught without the right information! Study, Apply, Share!

Egg-citing Fun!

It was a BEAUTIFUL  morning to celebrate new life, play some games, and enjoy each other’s company! We did just that with an older bunch of egg-hunters this year.

It’s a bitter-sweet thing to watch all of your children grow older – but it’s great to watch them have fun.

Here are a few pictures from a wonderful morning together!









Seder…seeing Christ through it all!

You know from our last post that our Wednesday night children’s class has studied Creation to Christ. A part of this has included the feast of Israel.

As we came to the Easter season, we wanted our church family to see Christ in the meal that is traditionally served during Passover.

It was a  solemn meal at first as everyone gathered in the fellowship building to celebrate this meal.

It is hard to go through an entire Seder and not see the fore-shadowing of Christ in every element. As we partook of the matzoh bread, three pieces stacked together with the middle one broken – and one of the broken pieces hidden, we see the trinity, Christ broken for our sins, and His return.

Throughout the meal there were four different cups of juice that were observed. 

*The cup of Sanctification – by having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, we are made holy.

*The cup Deliverance – also called the cup of plagues or the cup of wrath – this cup is not drunk, but is poured out. The children of Israel were delivered from God’s wrath because they applied the blood of the lamb to their doorpost. We are delivered from the wrath of God by having the shed blood of Christ applied to our lives.

*The cup of Redemption – by tradition, it represents the blood of the passover lamb. Jesus is our passover Lamb. Jesus said, “This cup is the New Covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.” Luke 22:20

*The cup of Praise – also known as the cup of the Kingdom. It is this cup about which, Jesus said, “I tell you I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it anew with you in my Father’s kingdom.”  This cup foreshadows the wedding supper of the Lamb.

One of the children’s favorite parts when insects of varying types were thrown in remembrance of the plagues, along with their hunt for the missing piece of matzoh bread.

One of the hardest parts of the evening was partaking of the bitter herbs. It is fitting that we should be reminded through the salt water and bitter herbs of the tears cried in slavery, the sweat of blood shed in the garden. Our redemption did not come at an easy price. Yet it was a love gift given to us before the foundation of the world.

What a Savior – to create what He would have to redeem.

What amazing love.


Feasting from the Word on Wednesday Nights

This year we have been studying Christ in the Old Testament during our Wednesday night children’s program. We have reserved one Wednesday night a month for a special guest speaker.

For the past two months our special speaker has been Mrs. Teresa Perry. We have been looking at the Feasts of Israel.

This past Wednesday night our youth and children’s program combined as Mr. Rick and Mrs. Teresa worked together along with our teachers to present the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles.

Mr. Rick built a type of modern "sukkah"

Mrs. Norma Teagle brought a variety of Jewish foods for all to try – and I think most everyone did try everything at least once – even the Gefilte Fish :).  Other foods that were served were: Challah bread w/ butter, Latkas w/ applesauce and sour cream, Noodle Kugel, Blueberry Blintzes, Barley-Vegetable Soup, Gefilte Fish and Matzos. Judging by the repeated trips to the food table one would say the food was a huge hit!


Understanding why the Feast of Booths was celebrated gives us a greater insight into what we as the Body of Christ have to look forward to. A day when the trumpet is blown for a holy convocation (Feast of Trumpets), getting ready for the day of Atonement,  leading to the Feast of Booths. God with us.

The first feast of Israel we were unable to witness first hand – only to reap the benefits of Christ being our Passover Lamb, being made righteous as the purging of all leaven or sin is removed, and having Christ as our first fruit – raised from the dead – never to die again. If we belong to Christ, we have received His Spirit, we are the mystery of the church: Jews & Gentiles in one body. Now we wait…active participants in this journey, listening for the trumpet’s call!





Hebrews 3:1-14  Encourage one another each day – Christ is returning!

1st Annual Valentine’s Dinner :)


What a gift the ladies of Shady Grove were given tonight! One that was greatly appreciated for the love, effort, energy, amazing service, and delicious meal. 

Our men planned, prepared, and served a Valentine’s Dinner to the ladies of our church. 

Comments like, “I’m dreaming!”, “I think we need to do this again to make sure it’s just right!”, and many other expressions of gratitude were expressed over and over. 

Men, young and old, thank you so much for a job well done. It was truly a night to remember. 

the early crew

ready to serve

...it must be JUST right!



our service was excellent!







more helping hands



reading a note of thanks

our head chef - at the end of the night

Valentine’s Gift Bags for our Widows and Widowers



Our 1st through 3rd grade Sunday School Class has sponsored a Valentine Gift Bag project for our widows and widowers for the past several years.

Their class decorates bags, makes cards, and encourages everyone to contribute “goodies” for the bags. This year’s bags were brimming over.

Thank you to everyone who participated in serving a very part of our church family we love so much.


Tony Eubanks Speaking – Feb. 21st!

 Tony Eubanks, chaplain for the Clemson Tigers Football Team, will be speaking Sunday, Feb. 21st at 11:00 a.m.

Tony heads the Spiritual 2adays program at Clemson University. He has served as chaplain under former Coach Tommy Bowden and Present Coach Dabo Swinney.

To say that Tony has a great sense of humor would be a gross understatement. He also has a passion for Truth and to see Christ magnified.

His message is encouraging, motivating, and relevant.

Join us on the 21st as Tony will be our guest speaker for Youth Sunday.  Looking forward to see you!!

Valentine’s Dinner

February 12, 6:30 p.m.

Shady Grove Baptist Church

Fellowship Building


Very Special


*****Rescheduled Due to Snow*****

Will be held Friday, February, 19 – 6:30 p.m.! 

For details or information please see Tom Hannah, Tony Garrett, or Danny Johnston.

Live Nativity



Burrr, I don’t know that Mary and Joseph had it as cold as we did last night, but we had a wonderful time as we shivered, sang, and really got into the spirit of Christmas! 

This year was our first live nativity.It was a new adventure in unfamiliar territory, but one that is almost guaranteed to be a repeat for next year. 

We are so thankful for everyone who had the heart and vision to reach out to our community. A huge thanks to those who invested time, money, and labor to make this year’s live nativity a reality. 

To those who aren’t going to be able to participate due to the weather, we are so sorry you missed the opportunity to be chilled to the bone :), to sing praises to the Lord, and to share the news of Immanuel – God with us – during this year’s nativity. 

May God continue to place on our heart’s the desire to share with those around us the Great News of this season! 











Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Sunday morning several of our young ladies participated in a skit to remind us of the importance of the annual Lottie Moon Christmas offering.

The skit, written by our Director of Missions wife, Mrs. Jane Duncan, brought to life what it was like during Lottie Moon’s life as she sought to minister to the people she loved so dearly for the sake of Christ in China. We were then transported to a modern-day setting of a young adult missionary serving in China facing much of the same needs, political and financial climate that the young Lottie Moon face.

While we celebrate with abundance under our trees and food on our table , let us not forget those that are serving  abroad. Below you will find detailed information regarding the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. If you would like to learn more, click on the IMB link listed on the side bar of our blog site.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®Every penny given to Lottie Moon is used to support Southern Baptist missionaries as they share the Gospel overseas. The offering represents 54 percent of the International Mission Board’s total income.

Find dollar examples of how your gifts are used, including stories, photos and videos, at  Lottie Moon @ work.

Cooperative Program

Thirty-five percent of the IMB’s income is received from the Southern Baptist Convention’s Cooperative Program. Each state convention gives between 14 percent and 57 percent of its CP collection to the SBC. The SBC gives 50 percent of that amount to the IMB and 50 percent to other SBC entities, including the North American Mission Board.

Download a funding chart     GIF PDF

View or print a poster customized for your state convention


Other income

Southern Baptists’ gifts to the IMB’s World Hunger and General Relief ministries comprise 3 percent of the IMB’s income. Field-generated funds, investment returns and other income constitute the remaining 8 percent.

How much does it cost to support a missionary?

• $40,931.64 a year
• $3,410.97  a month
• $787.15 a week
• $112.14 a day
• $4.67 an hour
• $.08 a minute

Reported June 2009. Support includes housing, food, children’s education, medical expenses, retirement and more.

Still have questions?

Wow~You Went the Extra Mile!

I wanted to post some of the table decorations from this past Sunday! It was incredible to walk into our fellowship hall and see all the creativity poured out by so many.

Sunday was a wonderful day. We saw new faces in our congregation, thanks to those of you who took the time to invite family and friends.

It is always precious to fellowship around God’s word, to rejoice in His goodness, and to enjoy the company of those we love.

To those of you who visited with us, we are so thankful you took time to come.  It really was a blessing having each and everyone of you there!

Okay, here are the rest of the pictures. Mrs. Judy K. this was a wonderful idea – it was beautifully done!







Decorate a Table (or two) and Invite a Friend!

Christmas Dinner This Sunday

Sunday, December 13, 2009 is our annual Christmas Dinner following the morning worship service. Everyone is invited to stay for a wonderful time of food and fellowship.

This year we are opening the fellowship hall on December 12th, and inviting church families to decorate a table or two as they would like. Use you own dishes, decorations, and utensils to make your tables sparkle with Christmas cheer. Everyone make sure to set enough place settings for those you have invited plus a few extra!

We are encouraging our families to invite friends to join us for this special day. If you would like to come and need information on times or a ride, please call the church number at 864-868-2405.

Christmas Musicals!

This past Sunday our Adult Choir performed their Christmas musical during the morning service.  Our Minister of Music, Tom Hannah, led the worshipful time as everyone enjoyed not only beautiful music, but was drawn to the heart of Christmas – Immanuel, Christ with us!

Sunday night our Children and Youth presented “Shepherds, Sheep, and a Savior”.  Through the eyes of outcast shepherds, we journeyed to Bethlehem to see the new-born King! We were left with the challenge that Pastor Matt has been placing before us the past few months – “Go and Tell”! It was a fun filled night with delightful singing, wonderful acting by the children, great back-up singing (plus bleating ) and stage help from the youth and in all Jesus was magnified!

Thanks so much to the behind the scenes workers: to those who put fruit bags together, to those who worked sound, to those who carried platforms to and from the fellowship hall, to those who served the children food and cleaned up, to Emily who came to be a back-up director “just in case”!  It’s always a blessing to see everyone working together – and I think we were all blessed by the fruits of the Adult and Children/Youth Choirs.





Harvest, Hayrides, Hotdogs, & Happy Times!


Despite the rain filled day, everyone enjoyed a wonderful time together at Rippling Rivers Ranch. Ed and Diane Hutton hosted the Harvest Festival for our church this year.

It seems as if every time we get together for an informal occasion such as this, everyone walks away saying, “We need to do things like this more often!” It is so nice to come away from the T.V., the Ipod, the computer, and enjoy real conversations with friends – new and old.  To encourage one-another from the Word of God, share laughter, and fulfill the Biblical principle of iron sharpening iron is a great reason to gather together.




Yes, we DID go on a hayride!! It was sputtering rain – but no one minded too much! Mr. Ed was a great driver taking us “over the river and through the woods”…not literally – but it did seem as though we might go through a creek along the way.



it just wouldn't be fun w/o burnt marshmallows!


we love our families



Thanks so much to the Hutton family for all of your work! We appreciate you guys.

“If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another.”

1 John 1:7

Bread Banks due this Sunday!


*  Children in Action’s fall project has been BREAD BANKS for MARYS HOUSE. Our emphasis has been on world hunger. 

Marys House is a local ministry to help women and children suffering from domestic violence.  The money we are collecting this month will help with food during the months of November and December.

 Offerings to help at Marys House are always welcome, but to complete this portion of our project everyone is encouraged to bring your bread bank this next Sunday, NOVEMBER 1. 

There will be a time that we can place them at the alter and have prayer over them.

Thank you for your support and remember —–  pray, learn, support, and do missions!!

October ~ World Hunger Month


When was the last time we really felt gnawing hunger? When was the last time we watched our children grow sick for lack of nourishing food?

I remember so well a mission trip to Haiti, seeing children for the first time who should have had beautiful black hair, walking around with red hair – due to mal-nutrition.

I also remember giving a young boy with tints of red in his hair food, thinking he would gobble it down, but instead watched as he called his brothers and sisters to him to share what I had given him.

Hunger is a pretty foreign concept to most of us reading this post. However, there are many in our local area, in SC, America, and world-wide that know what it is like to face hunger on a daily basis.

October is world hunger month.

It’s a great month to help make our children aware of those who have needs greater than our wants.

Whether you are at Shady Grove, in your own church, or know of someone in need, now is the time to practice practical Christianity.

October is NOT the month to focus on World Hunger and then forget about it for the remaining 11 months.

I know Matthew 25 is dealing with the tribulation, but there is a principle found in verse 40 that we can all take to heart.  Whatever we do to those in need, with the right heart motive, it is an act of worhip to Christ.

Let’s join together to meet the needs of those who have physical hunger, pointing them to the One who can satisfy their spiritual hunger.

For more information on World Hunger Month go to:  http://www.worldhungerfund.com/index.html

Welcome to our family!

We are so glad that you’ve stopped by to visit with us here on the web! As you can see our blog is a work in progress. It is officially less than one week old. There should be new content up-dated throughout this week and then frequently as our church family grows and events take place.

Please feel free to leave comments, and visit here often. We’d love to have you stop in and fellowship with us also.

We are excited to see what God has before us. Resting in Him as He leads us each step of the way. Trusting that He will build His church just as He said He would!

Cup of Cold Water Ministry

Everyone loves a balloon


Every summer we have the wonderful opportunity of ministering at our local flea market! The Cup of Cold Water Ministry is an ongoing ministry operated through the Pickens Twelve-Mile Association. Our Children In Action group head up these monthly trips to the flea market. Church members pass out cups of cold water, balloons, lots of tracts; take blood pressure readings; do face painting, ….and sometimes pass out kittens :).

All that we do during these trips to the Flea Markets is done with the prayer that we will be able to share Christ with those that take a cup of cold water, or stop to have their blood pressure taken.

The Flea Market is truly a place where the world comes to our doorsteps. It’s been a wonderful place for our young people to listen as adults engage with those of other faiths and the truth of God’s word is shared in love.


many come faithfully to check bp


one of our teens finds a home for a kitten



ready to pass out bouquets of smiles

sharing the love of Christ with joy


caring, serving, sharing


Will paying careful attention to detail...good thing :).

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